The Ovines - man In The Sky

After 18 months Medway based band The Ovines are back with a cracking new single. ‘Man in The Sky’ was released on 18th March along with another track ‘Travelling Circus’ The band formed back in 2017 and in that time have supported the likes of the Libertines and The Sherlocks. They have progressed from the more ska influenced tracks like ‘Fire in a meth lab’ and ‘Fish tank’ to more guitar based indie rock sound, though their ska influences can most definitely be heard in their new song.

‘Man in the Sky’ is interspersed with news reel clips regarding the disturbances in London over the implementation of Council Tax. They mix genres to produce a catchy indie-rock anthem with an infectious groove and strong melodies to carry their social comment. If you would like to find out more about the band, live dates and future releases, check out their facebook and Instagram pages.