THE Q's - movies

The Q’s latest track ‘MOVIES’ is their most upbeat tune to date, thanks to its continuous jangly guitar riff. The Q’s is a 5-piece rock band from north west London now based in Leeds. Started originally in a year 9 music class, many years of procrastination passed before they released their first song, “IN NEUTRAL”, on New Years Eve 2021, which has since gained over 10,000 streams. They went on to release their second single,’TRANQUILO’ in 2022 and have a 3rd single “MOVIES” to be released on April 7th.



‘MOVIES’ is a delicious slice of button-bright indie pop.  Upbeat it most certainly is. Guaranteed to get your toes tapping, the song gets straight to the point and delivers a flawlessly bright and breezy guitar laden track with its heartbeat from the sixties, but with a modern feel. Along with the jangly guitars the upbeat vocal harmonies in the background fill out the tune to create a perfect, catchy chorus. The track is nearly 5 minutes long, but the band are very clever with a break coming two thirds in for a little guitar solo allowing the track to build once more to a climax.

 I imagine ‘MOVIES’ will be absolute crowd-pleaser at live dates. Talking of live dates the band play The Camden Club in London on Wednesday 12th April. The band, also, hope to bring out an EP later in the year. If you would like to find out more about the band, live dates and future releases, check out their facebook, twitter and Instagram pages.