GONDOLAS - Never Ends

A really good band, in my book, have to have an immediacy. It might be a hook or a vocal inflexion or a chorus or just something indefinably memorable about a song that makes you want to hear it again immediately the very second it finishes. Well, Liverpool  four-piece Gondolas seem to have it. There first release ‘Swing and a Miss’ came out at the back end of last year with an abundance of both hooks and melody, proving the band’s ear for a solid indie- rock track. On 3rd April the band released the follow-up to that debut single, ‘Never Ends’ is a track that could get any comatose person toe-tapping.

The band was formed back in 2022 by Irish brothers Benjamin(lead vocals and guitar) and Chris(Guitar) Watt Doak along with bassist Rosh Carlin. The line-up was completed when drummer Jacques de Prez joined the band. 

‘Never Ends’ doesn’t go where you expect it to go and that unpredictability is what captivates me about the track, it feels like an amalgamation of punk and garage-rock . Hitting you from the start, it explodes into life with a clatter of machine-gun fire guitars, before Benjamin’s punk-esque vocals join the mix, vocals that absolutely suit the frenetic start. The fast and furious pace drops to allow for a melodic singalong chorus. A short instrumental segment half- way through starts another ramping it up and a soaring harmonious climax. This will go down a storm live, I could, definitely, see myself spilling some beer to this a sweaty gig. Gondolas have already started to build a following with their live performances and will definitely be a band to watch in 2023.

If you would like to find out more about the band, live dates and future releases, check out their facebook page.