Vansleep - Welcome To the 1%

Vansleep have just released the 2nd track from their forthcoming EP ‘How Many Nights’. ‘Welcome to the 1%’ is a concoction of anthemic indie rock tinged in post punk, venting frustration and helplessness in a world of corruption, politics, and the ludicrous 24-hour news cycles that we find ourselves living in day in, day out.

A four-piece from Aberdeen, Vansleep features Kyle MacRitchie on Vocals and guitar, Bryn McLernon on bass, Keir Smith on Guitar and Bilal Benzahia on drums. They have played shows all round Scotland and supported the likes of Vistas, Dancing on Tables and The Dunts. The band released their debut EP ‘You should have said something’ back in 2020.

 Vansleep’s sound appears to have developed into more heavier sound since lockdown, ‘Welcome to the 1%‘has both passion and intensity in abundance, along with its propulsive drumming and banging basslines, especially when it comes to Kyle MacRitchie’s stand-out vocals, you can hear in his voice the dissatisfaction he feels with the world.  Its two and a half minutes go by far too quickly, but leave you craving for a fix that will have you replaying it constantly. Turn it up loud. Vansleep launch their EP ’How Many Nights’ on 26th May at  Café Drummonds in Aberdeen.

If you would like to find out more about the band, live dates and future releases, check out their facebook page.