Ich Bin Finn

ICH BIN FINN - Breakfast Pizza

After a seven-year gap since their last release, London trio Ich bin Finn have released their debut album on Roadkill records. Entitled ‘Breakfast Pizza’ there are 8 tracks on the album, coming in at just under 20 minutes. The band is made up of Finn D’Albert on guitar and vocals, Kim Watson on bass and backing vocals and Mike Brown on drums and backing vocals.

Breakfast Pizza’ sluices aspects of country and grunge through the band’s garage-punk template and is awash with pleasures. Romantic, sentimental and feelings of isolation run through the album, with cleverly written lyrics that have a clarity and a delivery that draws you in to every track, waiting for next line to be delivered.


The opener sets the tone, ‘Fucking Loud’ starts all melodic, with lyrics about finding love before Finn declares ‘Loving you makes me want to shout, like my love like my drums and that is fucking loud’ and rapid hitting drums kick in. It’s a brilliantly catchy and inventive song that will ensure a smile and a toe-tap. The three tracks released before the album came out, ‘Summer Girl’, ‘Ocean’ and ‘Fire’ are rousing anthems with nagging melodies that will linger long in the memory. The pace slackens slightly with ‘Fifth of November’, but it still bounces along in a sort of gloriously folky way. ‘Miss Me’ and ‘Fifth November’ are romantic ballads, they are paced beautifully and lyrically sublime. The final track ‘Spring Shanty’ sees the band dipping into Shanty and as with most shanty songs it’s a folk song about love.

Through their fiercely Do It Yourself attitude and the wonderful production of Tom le Beau Morley there is an authenticity to their sound on this album. Ich Bin Finn remain true to themselves and in my opinion Breakfast Pizza is one of the albums of the year.

If you would like to find out more about the band, live dates and future releases, check out their facebook page.