Black Tree Suns – Fading Storm

Black Tree Suns

Cranking up the volume, Plymouth band Black Tree Suns have just released a towering slab of Alternative Rock for their new single Fading Storm.

It’s the second release from the four-piece, consisting of Dan Payne Lead vocals/guitar, Dan Bain guitar/Backing vocals, Dieter Hearle Bass and Mike Ward on Drums.

The latest release opens amid dark vocals simmering over a pounding drum rhythms and melodic riffs. Slowly, like an angry sea before a storm rolls in, the riffs get heavier and more intense, before the flick of a muscular punch unleashes Dan Payne’s gnarling vocals. The storm erupts into heavy rock with a gorgeous intensity that is difficult to ignore and a power that’s quite often exhilarating. Check out Black Tree Suns, they’re a roaring animal so difficult to resist.


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