Embers In Snow

One of our favourite artists of all time is the Cocteau Twins, who created ethereal soundscapes that were truly timeless . Nearly twenty years later another artist has released an EP that has grabbed our attention in the same way, the EP is ‘Foresight’ and the artist Embers In Snow. Although the sound is sparser, there is a greater atmospheric feel to the music, creating twenty-four minutes of uncompromising beauty and intelligence.
Embers in Snow is the single-man led musical project of 21 year old Songwriter/producer Rakat Zami, hailing from Dhaka, Bangladesh, and this five track EP has been in development for over a year.
The EP opens with ‘Locked Souls’, a track that drifts on a tranquil cloud of synth amidst gentle keys and some delicious pulsating ukulele strings. As the sound develops Zami’s lucid vocals and lyrics melt into the track as it slowly reaches a crescendo before gently fading away. Safira follows, a sublime piece of work that has been around for a while, but has never sounded better than on this EP. It soars on a fuller sound that captivates and entrances, wrapping its wings about you, sheltering you within this place of safety and fortifying the spirit for its inevitable re-emergence, stunning. Written by Tilok Adnan, the third track is The Gathering, and it sees Zami’s vocals, sung over an acoustic guitar, at their most confident, delivering poignant lyrics about holding on to the past. ‘Fall’ is possibly the weakest of the five tracks, only because of the standard of the other four, it delivers a song from the heart with it’s clever well-written lyrics. The final track is ‘Bonfire’ a song that brought Embers In Snow to our attention, a beguiling, almost haunting track with delicate vocals sung by Tilok Adnan, supported by a sparse, minimal arrangement giving it a sense of mesmerizing beauty.
Some people may call this EP “ambient” but that is misleading. Ambient music is intended to function as a backdrop, but these original five tracks demand and reward close attention. Every listen it gets better and better. An artist with a great future in front of him and a wonderful vision for his music.

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