Helsinki – Better Way


If you always trying to find more music that makes you feel good or reminds you of a good time, then you’ll be glad you came across Helsinki a four-piece from Ghent, Belgium, who definitely know how to enjoy themselves on stage.

This is a video of the track ‘Better Way‘ released last year as a single from their EP ‘The Band Not The City‘. It was shot at various locations on their Benelux tour last December. If you haven’t heard ‘Better Way‘ before, it’s a track that makes you want to use all manner of adjectives that aren’t typically a part of your vocabulary – words like “rollicking” and “boisterous”. It’s one of those rare radio-ready indie-rock cuts whose character and dynamism grab you from the get-go and, once done, beg the question: how far can these folks go?

Lead vocalist Thomas Vanelslander has an absolutely infectious tone to his vocals, Pim De Wolf’s bass blasts a chiming riff while the guitar playing by Joos Houwen rings in your mind as it bounces off the tight and lively drums which Ace Zec plays. It’s a belter of track enhanced by an awesome video, check it out below.





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