Maxwell Panther – Audio Flower

Going against the psychedelic root that a lot of lo-fi indie artists are tiptoeing around these days, Maxwell Panther has produced a good old-fashioned, guitar focused album and we love it. Determined to bring an old-style lo-fi rock sound back into the modern day while slapping on an indie edge, ‘Audio Flower’ with its harsh guitar sounds, dark lyrics and raw vocals certainly hasn’t let us down.

We first came across Maxwell Panther in 2014, a few months after the release of his excellent second album ‘Raw, Real and The Pure‘ and at that time Maxwell had just released ‘Implode‘ as a demo. This was a slight change of direction for Maxwell from the slightly experiment sounds of earlier recordings to a more guitar based sound. Lyrically the album lets us into Maxwell’s dark world from the opening line on the titled track “Silence shouts its goodbye. the dark is bright behind closed eyes” through to the loneliness of ‘Introvert‘ “I’m not going to interact that much, need to reflect before I can touch, consider what’s been said and what I want to say”. The darkness in those lyrics blend into rawness of the guitar riffs and the almost desolate vocals, to deliver a wonderfully mesmerizing album. There are no standout tracks on ‘Audio Flower‘, they’re all of equal quality, but when that quality is at this level, performed by such a talented singer-songwriter, it’s not a negative.

After reading this, please go on bandcamp and give the whole album a listen and if you like as much as us download it.

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