"In a music world of ‘junk food’ pop (quickly produced, poor quality and easily forgotten) I want to support alternative tracks I believe do deserve to be listened to"
Adella - C'était l'heure

Adella – C’était l’heure

‘C’était l’heure’ is the latest release from Adella, a young talented artist from Paris. With a background in classical music, Adella has played the violin in an orchestra, dabbled with the flute and even played bass in a punk band.

The intro brings back memories of P J Harvey’s album ‘Let England Shake’ album, before Adella’s smoky smooth voice takes over, the French lyrics delivered in a storytelling style. It’s the chorus, though, that grabs the attention of the listener a punchy melody and infectious boy/girl harmonies over a soundscape of sparkling guitar riffs and toe-tapping drum beats. This is a joyful release that almost effortlessly leaves you with a smile on your face – combining the alt-pop with the slightly ethereal.




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