"In a music world of ‘junk food’ pop (quickly produced, poor quality and easily forgotten) I want to support alternative tracks I believe do deserve to be listened to"

Gallery Circus – Holland On Fire

Having cranked up the volume since their debut EP in 2011, Gallery Circus have just released their first single since signing for Killing Moon records. The duo, twin brothers Daniel & Graeme Ross, will be releasing a new EP ‘Chi-Town Dogs’ later in the year and ‘Holland On Fire’ is the first track from it.

Busy touring in the last year, they have built a reputation as a fine live band, supporting the likes of King Charles, Little Comets and Arcane Roots, and this powerhouse of a single sees the duo using that raw energy from those live performances. ‘Holland On Fire’ moulds the mighty riffing of Dan’s guitar with the explosive drumming of Graeme, to combine with Dan’s passionate-yet-melodic rock vocals , producing an infectious, roaring animal so difficult to resist.

If this new release is anything to go by, Gallery Circus is a name you will be hearing quite a bit in 2016.


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