"In a music world of ‘junk food’ pop (quickly produced, poor quality and easily forgotten) I want to support alternative tracks I believe do deserve to be listened to"

The Tet Holiday – A Million

The Tet Holiday have just released their debut album ‘Statues‘ and if the last track released from it ‘A Million‘ is anything to go by, this three-piece from Oakland, California have produced an album well worth listening to.

A million‘ is a song full of passion and raw energy, incorporating pounding rhythms, driving base lines, blistering guitar riffs and catchy vocal hooks. These guys mean business, The Tet Holiday certainly know how to crank up the instruments loud enough to rattle the amps, it’s rock’n’roll with indie earnestness and they push every element of it at you.

Check out the single here and connect with them to listen to the album.


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