Twin Weaver – Sunblock

Twin Weaver

It’s not very often we feature a track from a South African artist, but the debut track from Twin Weaver is well worth a listen.  Although, the four-piece from Cape Town have only been together a few months, they have released Sunblock , a sparkling, sun-drenched, indie-pop gem.

Twin Weaver have cultivated a time machine within their music to craft a psychedelic track that simultaneously melts the wonderfully disjointed and quirky edges into delicious aural haze.

Driven by a glistening guitar riff, the reverb tinged dream-pop vocals sweep in and out on unstoppable tides of daydream inducing soundscapes. This track doesn’t sit in one place for too long, lurching and jolting into different areas on a whim, but it’ll still get stuck in your mind for days. On this hearing, Twin Weaver have a bright future.

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